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Thursday, August 26, 2010

AG comic book

Hi everyone!

I was so inspired by kitzykk's stardoll magazine, I wanted to make my own. But mine is sort of different. It's a comic book! I have been making american girl doll comic books for a really long time, but I just finally got around to making one that YOU can print out and use. just print, cut glue and staple!




  1. THIS IS ADORABLE! Can you make an enlarged one so we can read it?

  2. woot woot! LUV IT!! I already made a magazine with your magazine cover! Comic book, woohoo!

  3. Hi Anna Im A Ten Yr Old Girl Named Carly I Realy Love Ur Videos and I Think Ur Great I Love how ur so creative and i want to meet u bad U Sound soo awesome and u have a great voice. I Have a u tube and i subscribed to u
    I Hope u read! From ~AGSMILEYFRY~

  4. OMG Basilmentos I am a HUGE fan! I'd love it if you checked out my blog!

  5. sweet i wanna make a magazine!

  6. This is VERY CUTE!!!!!!
    from FirstHarmonyAG

  7. Hey Anna! I am Alana and you totally inspired me to make stop motions! My youtube is RockAGStudios but I don't have any videos up :( Well cya! ;)

  8. Love it! But....it's not really the same when you don't have a color printer :(

  9. Wow I just came across your blog it is really cool!! :D if you want to check out my blog it is https://thedollsoftexas.wordpress.com :)


The story behind it all....

In September of 2009, a pre-teen girl named Anna was searching youtube. She no longer used her american girl dolls. they were behind the closet doors, gathering dust. She reluctantly glanced over, then began to type in the search bar: American Girl Dolls. A video came up. She clicked on it. 14 coustumed dolls slid onto the screen and began to dance together, waving their arms and doing cartwheels. Anna was shocked. How could this be possible? This was.... Amazing. She quickly searched a few more. There were hudreds of videos, by usernames like stephenswodadancer, AGlovejess and girloftheyearstudios. Anna couldn't believe it. This new discovery was incredible! She ran to her room and pulled out her two dolls, felicity and samantha. She grabbed her camera. And, she began to film.

It is now four years later. I work on videos almost everyday, usually stopmotions. I have gathered quite a few veiws and subscribers on youtube, and I really appriciate when people comment on my videos. I have come unbelievibly far, but I still leave up those first videos from two years ago, because for me, those are the memories that I will always treasure. I am so happy that I can share them with you.